Performing Arts Workshops

Kamikaze Fireflies - Seize the Stage!

Be sure to join us on Saturday night for our feature performance – the Kamikaze Fireflies - a one hour mix of comedy and circus for all ages. Described as beyond hilarious outstanding family entertainment, the show is a constantly changing series of routines, patter, physical impossibilities, unbelievable situations and audience interactions! Bring out your inner performer with the Kamikaze Fireflies! Two workshops on Saturday will focus on stage presence – learn how to project strength and confidence and “own it” when you walk onto the stage. These basic theatrical skills are applicable to a multitude of experiences – an oral school report, singing for your community, a spelling bee or whatever – learn from professional performers how to be a rock star every time!

Dakwäkäda Dancers-Southern Tutchone Dance and Song

Based in Haines Junction, the Dakwäkäda Dancers have been teaching young people in Southern Tutchone and Tlingit cultures through the tradition of song and dance for more than 20 years. This inclusive group of dancers ranging in age from 2 years to adult, keeps Southern Tutchone culture alive and vibrant by continuing to pass traditions down from generation to generation. The Dakwäkäda Dancers will open the festival on Friday afternoon and will present a workshop during the festival on Southern Tutchone dance and song.

Fana Soro - West African Dance

Yamo! Yamo! (Hello, how are you doing!) from the charismatic ambassador of West African culture! Since 1997, Fana has engaged students at dozens of Canadian schools, connecting with audiences in both English and French. Opening for the Kamikaze Fireflies on Saturday night, Fana Soro is a hereditary master musician who will share musical traditions of the Ivory Coast to showcase the soaring melodies, driving rhythms and spirited dances of West African performing arts. Fana Soro will offer two West African dance workshops over the weekend – a great opportunity to brush up on your West African dance skills and burn off some energy at the same time.

Soir de Semaine - Physical Activity with Music 

We are very pleased to be bringing Soir de Semaine for our Friday night family dance, with their special blend of Franco-rock, ska, reggae, folk and funk. Lively, rousing and dynamic with colourful costumes, painted faces and highly interactive French music, they promise to be a great start to the weekend! The beat continues on Saturday when Soir de Semaine will offer two different workshops. Can't stop bopping? Sign up for the Physical Activity and Music workshop. Activate your brain and body while playing different games through movement and music, sure to get you waggin' your tail and howlin'. Energetic and fun, join Alain for some great games and music in the Main Hall!  


Soir de Semaine - Music Exploration

If it's music that makes your heart sing, sign up for Music Exploration – a chance to experience different instruments and create your own composition! Want to get your heart singing in tune with these talented Yukon folks?  Now's your chance to express yourself in song!

Silly of the Valley - Squeakers and Kazoos 

Watch out for Trixie the Clown and Mr. Brown Knows throughout the weekend! They magically appear at festivals around Canada and entertain children wherever they go! Clowning, balloon twisting, wandering minstrels, improvised play, or general buffoonery and playfulness, this colourful duo is sure to please all ages. Silly of the Valley will offer two workshops during the weekend – come have fun with Squeakers and Kazoos! Children will learn to play the Kazoo and to use the Squeaker to communicate and to bring inanimate objects to life! Come to this workshop if you enjoy making noise and being silly, this is sure to be a hoot!

Visual Arts Workshops


Doggie Zipper Pulls - Lara Melnik

Get your fingers wagglin' and your creativity jumpin' as you blend polymer clays to create your own doggie zipper pull! Afterwards, you will have a terrific festival tale to tell! Lara Melnik will use her more than 20 years of artistic experience to lead you through this finger fun workshop. Without a doubt, you will have seen Lara's playful designs at festivals, craft shows and galleries throughout the Yukon. 

Wire Sculpture Creatures - Meshell Melvin
Wired, weird and wacky animals! Bend your ideas and twist your story as you sculpt your creation from wire. Meshell Melvin has been sharing her enthusiasm and passion for art with Yukon kids for over 15 years. She'll have you wrapped up in your own art and the result will be a unique sculpture and
a tale worth telling! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Needle Felting Magical Characters - Cai Krikorian
Let your finished needle felted image tell the story! Cai will really get you poking your imagination as you create your own magical character in felt. Cai inspires young artists as they use needle felting to create spectacular, wearable fleece art. You can bring your own favourite piece of fleece clothing or use pieces of fleece that will be provided at the festival. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Monoprinting with Acrylic Paint - Meshell Melvin
Splash, dab, swab, brush, rub, lift, repeat. Curious? You will have to check out Meshell's monoprinting workshop to know the real story! For sure, your inner artist will be ready to go to print! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Colourful Long Tailed Creatures - Kim Henkel
Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails – that's what this workshop is made of! If you attended last year's festival, you are sure to remember what fun it is to make wild and colourful creations from paper. This year Kim will share her love of paper as you build your own colourful long tailed creature. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Story Buckets and Treasure Boxes - Monika Steputh
It is all about fantastic tails! Join local potter Monika Steputh as she shares her love and knowledge of clay with youngsters and adults alike, with an opportunity to experience creating with clay. Monika will offer two workshops in which YOU will transform a simple lump of clay into a special treasure or a treasure box. For ages 5-7, a story bucket with a tail will be provided to hold the treasures you create! Ages 8-12 will learn to carve and build their own small treasure box with a lid! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Mad Hatters - Megan Melanson
Does the hat make the storyteller or does the storyteller make the hat? Let Megan inspire you to create your own hat madness that tells the world the tale of just who you are. Megan is Haines Junction’s own mad hatter. She’ll help you to uniquify your own cardboard hat using a dazzling array of recycled materials. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Are Those Ears Fur Real OR Fancy, Fluffy, Feather Finery -Christa Egli
Hey, have your heard? Local artisan Christa will guide young crafters aged 5-7 as they create their own wearable animal ears from fur. Friends are sure to ask “Are Those Ears Fur Real?! You can make up your own story about that! Older kids aged 8-12 can join Christa for Fancy, Fluffy, Feather Finery. Create a fancy hair tail with your choice of plumage. Christa will guide young creators through the process of assembling their own original, wearable art piece. This project requires some fine motor skills. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Other Workshops

Storytelling - Khâsha Stephen Reid
And yet more fantastic tales! Did you know that you are surrounded by stories? Discover the magic that exists amongst the mountains, trees and creatures of the Southern Tutchone territory. Champagne storyteller Khâsha will transport you with a selection of traditional tales of the area that will leave you eager to learn about the oral tradition of storytelling.


Electronics Workshop - Andrew Lawrence
Ever look in your recycling bin and want to make a creature? How about one that moves! Join us for our Electronics Workshops! For ages 5-7, build a Wobble Bot – a colourful, geometric work of art.  For ages 8-12, build a Race Car fueled by propellers or rubber band transmissions. Recycled materials, small electric motors and lots of customized decoration will result in a great takeaway from the festival. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

A special thanks to the Dakwäkäda Dancers… 

With a focus on youth, the Dakwäkäda Dancers include child performers who begin as young as two years of age. Audiences witness the older youth and adults demonstrate leadership and the Southern Tutchone and Tlinglit culture alive, vibrant, and being passed down to new generations – native and non-native.


Augusto! Children’s Festival acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations and thank the dancers for their involvement.