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Visual Arts Workshops


Monster Puppets with Amber Church


Am I dreaming, or is that a monster? Put your imagination to work and create an original monster puppet. Amber Church will provide plenty of artistic experience, an array of materials and oodles of energy to help bring your wildest dream…or nightmare(?) to life. Is there a young Dr. Frankenstein in the house?

Dream Journals with Amber Church


Don’t just let those daydreams float away, capture them forever in your very own dream diary. Create a personalized book to record your fantasies and imaginative ideas in. Amber will guide young dreamers through the process of assembling beautiful one of a kind journals, all ready to be filled with wonderful ideas and imaginings. Move over Leonardo da Vinci - the future is in new hands!


Enchanted Forest Explorer’s Kit with Anie Desautels


Planning an excursion into the Enchanted Forest? You won’t want to leave without your Enchanted Forest Explorer’s Kit. Anie Desautels will help you prepare just what you need to navigate the Fairy woods in this creative and imaginative workshop. Magic wands, Gnome calling rattles and Pixie dust pouches will help prepare participants for their next trek through this magical realm. This workshop will be bilingual English and French.

Bobbing Birds with Kim Henkel


Once again Kim will share her love of creating with paper to make a delightful bobbing bird that can hang or twirl or bob alongside you wherever you go. These birds can also hang around nicely at home when you are out and about and not in need of a bobbing bird. Cut, paste and go! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Furry, Beady Ice Worms with Karrie Brown 

Just imagine a world of snow and ice and worms. You can create your own furry pet Ice Worm to keep you company on any adventures you might have in winter or summer. Karrie Brown will use her superb traditional beading and sewing knowledge to help you make a wiggly companion to tuck in your pocket, tickle your arm or just enjoy petting.

Sunday 11:30am is SOLD OUT
Saturday 3:30pm is SOLD OUT
Sunday 10am is SOLD OUT

Poly People with Lara Melnik


“Fun, Whimsical, Dreamy!” That is how Lara Melnik describes Poly People. If you dream of playing with colour and have a passion for making little things, you will love this workshop. Lara will share her zest for life and huge experience creating with polymer clay to inspire your imagination and bring out your most playful artist and dreamer. Get those fingers warmed up and prepare to pinch, roll, poke and sculpt in miniature!


Mad Hatters with Megan Melanson


Have you been dreaming of a most fantastic hat ever since our last Augusto! festival? Or maybe your head has grown a few hat sizes since you filled it with so many great ideas! Then this is your chance to create a wacky and original hat to fit. Back by popular demand, Megan’s Mad Hatter workshop provides hats, fabric and hot glue. All you need to bring is your imagination and a sense of fun in order to create your very own wearable art hat. Let the world know you are a dreamer or maybe as mad as a hatter! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Vinyl Collage Magnets and Stickers with Meshell Melvin


Go wild with colour and create a fantastic magnet or sticker using lots of fun vinyl bits, then have fun brightening up all those crazy or special places where stickers and magnets go. This workshop promises to provide peals of laughter as Meshell uses her love of art and playful spirit to liven up everyone’s imagination. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Build a Wacky Creature with Meshell Melvin


From the bottom of toy boxes and utility drawers, something strange and new is about to appear. Meshell Melvin will provide inspiration, hot glue, and oodles of interesting bits and pieces for young artists to assemble their own strange medley of parts. The result…whatever wacky creature can be imagined. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Cardboard Animals with Ted Tucker


Our Yukon world is full of animals! So many people dream of making the journey to see what we live with. In this workshop, you can build your own version using cardboard, glue and paint. Make an animal you know, one you dream of seeing or one that could only appear in a fantasy. It is up to you, but Ted Tucker will share all of his illustration and design experience and provide all the materials you need, to bring your favourite animal into existence.

Saturday 11:30am is SOLD OUT
Sunday 11:30am is SOLD OUT
Saturday 2pm is SOLD OUT

Creativity and Play with Les Soeurs Kif-Kif – The Kif Kif Sisters


These twin sisters have been doing street performances all over the world for more than a decade! Enter a state of experimentation and pleasure, open new inner territories with simple creativity exercises and develop fun skills about theatre and comedy. Find comfort in front of others. Shine with simply who you are and your imagination. This workshop will be bilingual English and French. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Magic of Friends Forever Puppetry with Ken Bishop aka PK

Ken Bishop has performed thousands of shows during his many, many years of entertaining children. Learn how to make a puppet, or anything, come alive! Watch and learn how to manipulate a character and then take this knowledge with you and your own little character. Can a hat change your voice? Is a glove a glove? Is a banana a banana? It's alive! In this hands-on class, there will be some puppets that Ken will need a hand in operating. So much fun, so little time.


Music Games with Annie Avery


Well known for her joyful and enthusiastic performances, Annie has been making music with children around the Yukon for years. This workshop is full of music games centred around music and movement. Come play with Annie as we sing, move and create. The key element is FUN, and enjoyment comes through rhythmic activity and creativity, as the social experience of singing and moving together is truly about community. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Other Workshops

STEM Workshops with Andrew Marston


Do you dream of building robots and games – then this workshop is for you! Engineering whiz Andrew Marston will get young inventors and young minds firing on all cylinders with his magnetic personality and electric enthusiasm! For ages 5-7, build a Wiggle Bot – a jiggling robot using a scrub brush, a simple circuit with a battery, switch and motor and your imagination. For ages 8-12, design your own “steady hand” skill-testing game by bending wire with your own design and creating a basic circuit with a battery, switch, and buzzer. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Performing Arts Workshops

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