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2024 Workshop Descriptions

Performing Arts Workshops

Southern Tutchone Song and Dance with the Dakwäkäda Dancers

  • Based in Haines Junction, the Dakwäkäda Dancers have been teaching young people in Southern Tutchone and Tlingit cultures through the tradition of song and dance for more than 30 years. This inclusive group of dancers ranging in age from very young to adult, keep Southern Tutchone culture alive and vibrant by continuing to pass traditions down from generation to generation. Each song is introduced with its origin and story, giving context to what is being shared. The Dakwäkäda Dancers will open the festival on Friday afternoon and will offer a song and dance workshop.

Friday Night Dance with Murphy and the Cats

  • Murphy and the Cats are award winning musicians who have been performing together since they were wee lads in elementary school. At 17 and 18 years of age they are not much older than our Augusto! kids! On fiddle, drum kit and percussion, ukulele, guitar, double bass, kazoo and even a paper bag, the Cats know how to keep the audience entertained. Their repertoire is rooted in the popular dance music of the 20’s and 30’s and they will era hop into Beatles music and beyond to get your toes tapping. So put your dance shoes on and come out for a joyously good time! A great inspiration to all young musicians in the audience! Murphy and the Cats will also do a mini concert in Toddler Town.

Improv with the Creators of The Trollsons

  • Be sure to join us on Saturday night for our feature performance The Storyteller with The Trollsons! This family of masked Scandinavian trolls is about to celebrate Grandpa Trollson's 200th birthday party, but he is refusing to come out of his tree stump! But with the help of the audience, Grandpa cannot resist the power of storytelling. Incredible masks, physical comedy, improvisation, music and good old fashioned troll trouble! And why not be spontaneous and sign up for an improv workshop with the creators of The Trollsons. Totally unplanned and unscripted, come prepared to have fun and work together to create a story without the use of a prepared written script! Say yes, think fast, gain confidence and bring out the true performer inside of you!

Let's Hula Hoop with Amanda Panda

  • Entertainer, author and entrepreneur, Amanda Panda will leave you smiling with her bright colours and exceptional talent when she opens for The Trollsons on Saturday night and closes the festival on Sunday. Larger than life and a natural kid magnet, this multi talented artist has been performing for over a decade. Get ready for a solo performance to inspire passion, play and perseverance while showcasing a variety of creative athletic feats involving hula hoops, juggling, spinning plates and humor. Join Amanda Panda for a fun and engaging hula hoop workshop. By using a growth mindset approach to teach amazing and attainable hoop tricks for all ages, each child will leave feeling confident and accomplished. With a focus on play, not perfection, attendees will learn techniques to improve their physical literacy, creativity, coordination, spatial awareness and more! Be sure not to miss the Amanda Panda and the Hula Hoop Circus closing show right after lunch on Sunday – a great finish to the festival!

Singing for Fun and Learning with Envirosinger Remy Rodden

  • Long-time Yukon educator and performer Remy Rodden will lead little ones age 5-7 through a process which will get them singing, moving and learning about how music shapes our minds and world. We’ll learn about basic elements of song, do some call and response and fun actions, try out some rhythm instruments and apply the Augusto! forest theme to re-imagine some familiar children’s tunes. Mostly we’ll have fun, because that what singing’s all about!

Songwriting for Fun and Learning with Envirosinger Remy Rodden

  • In this workshop for young ones aged 8-12, we’ll aim to compose a song reflecting this year’s Augusto! forest theme. We’ll warm up with some classic Remy tunes, then determine a mood and approach for our forest song, and find words and rhyme to create our original ditty. If all goes well, we’ll make a quick recording to share with friends and family. Please bring your focused attention and commitment to make this a success!

Introduction to Harp with Elayne Sayney​

  • Here is a wonderful opportunity to try your hand with a harp! We are very pleased to welcome Elayne Sayney to the festival – some of you may know Elayne from Yukon Summer Music Camp. With just 3 students per workshop, ages 9 to 12 only, you will learn about the instrument, its history, the strings and hopefully a short piece. This workshop will be offered 4 times – 2 times for music readers and 2 times for non music readers, so be sure to pay attention to the festival schedule when selecting workshops. Also – short nails are mandatory!

Performing Arts Workshops

​Home Gnomes with Lara Melnik

  • Back by popular demand, Lara's workshops are always the first to sell out! If you have a passion for making little things, you will love this workshop. Lara will share her zest for life and her experience creating with polymar clay to inspire your imagination and bring out the playful artist within you. Be prepared to pinch, roll, poke and sculpt in miniature!

Monster Parade with Nicole Baubauger

  • Create the monster you always wanted to be! Join Nicole to create a most lovable monster from recycled cardboard. Draw, paint, add streamers and other embellishments, mount on a bamboo pole and you are ready to go. Better still, be sure to join the Monster Parade later in the day to show off your new friend! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Forest Scientist with Nicole Humeniuk

  • Make a cloud! Discover animal tracks! Investigate how plants get their colours! Explore forests with interactive science demonstrations on weather, animals, and plants. We'll finish up by seeing how art and science can be the best of friends. You'll leave with your very own bookmark painted with leaves.

Button Butterflies and Buttonscapes with Janet Patterson

  • Do you love buttons – big, small, round, square and so many different colors. What to do with them all? Join Janet and for ages 5 - 7 create a beautiful Button Butterfly! It may not actually be able to fly but we are sure it could perch on the wall. And for ages 8 – 12, create a Button Landscape, using the St. Elias Mountains for inspiration. Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fantastical Fish with Janet Patterson

  • Fantastical really is the only word to describe this art project! A plastic bottle, some old fish net, buttons, bottles caps, plastic bags and many other objects from the recycling bin. Discarded materials are reassembled and cojoined with other unlikely components to create new life and new meaning. And you will leave with a beautiful, bright, colorful and likely tropical fish! Imagination and many colorful bits and pieces is all that is required for this workshop! Ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by and adult.

Little Books with Marguerite Richard

  • What better workshop could there be for a retired librarian! What can you make with one piece of paper, a bit of card stock, scissors and glue? Well – a little book! Fold, cut, glue and repeat using various bits of paper to decorate the books. Join Marguerite and end up with another great festival takeaway.

Stomp Rockets with Andrew Marston

  • What do you get when you take heavy card stock, tape, markers and stickers? A stomp rocket of course! But that is only half the fun. Once all the rockets are built, head outdoors to the launch pad! Build, stomp and fly and learn what makes real rockets fly! This workshop is for ages 5 to 7 only and ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Electric Spin Art Machine with Andrew Marston

  • Come and join engineer Andrew and learn how to build an electric spin art machine and then use it to make colorful art! Once your spin art machine is built and fitted with cardboard, you simply turn it on and gently touch a colorful marker pen to the cardboard as it spins! You will end up with lovely spin art. This workshop is for ages 8 to 12 only.

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