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The Kif-Kif Sisters

Flying bunnies, speeding French fries! The Kif-Kif Sisters mix surprising comedy and audience interaction with enough happiness to make vegetables explode! Inseparable since the womb, these twin sisters have been doing street performances all over the world for over a decade. A charming cocktail of funny theater, circus, magic, puppetry and typically French craziness.

The Kif-Kif Sisters will present their Jam Side Up show on Saturday night, and over the weekend will teach two theatre/comedy workshops and entertain Toddler Town with two mini shows.

Check out some festival highlights with this video from Friends Forever Puppets!

Stretch your imagination and stand on your toes,
Dream up a challenge and see where it goes,
Jump up with joy when you see what you've done
Exploring the world, you are the sun!

Yukon's first dedicated art & music festival for children!

Thanks for signing up!

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